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 Regardless of whether the market is going up or down, we offer a straight forward, yet effective solution. Our Advanced Trading Technologies fully automated trading software for futures stock investments executes trades in the financial markets without your involvement. Our system uses leveraged finance of your capital and we consider it the best way to invest money. It requires only two minutes of your time each day, five days a week. You're free to go about your business, or play a round of golf.

Most of our clients have little or no previous trading experience and some with limited computer skills. If you fall into that category, not to worry. Our software is easy to use and it makes all the trades for you automatically. But before we tell you more you probably want to know what kind of performance it's had in the past.

During the past 5 years, from 2012-2016 our software earned an annual average of 69%.

Keep in mind, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. It is likely you could lose money at any point in time. For this reason you should only use risk capital you can afford to lose.

How It Works

Our software is installed on your computer and communicates with the brokerage firm we use called TradeStation Securities. As price data is constantly received into your computer, the software determines whether to enter or exit a trade. If an execution of an order is required, the software sends the order to the brokerage firm and the order is filled with seconds.

Fully automated trading such as this has been used by the institutional firms for awhile now. The vast majority of trading volume in the U.S. financial markets are conducted using this technology. However, until now, there have been few tools like this available for the individual investor. Our trading software fills that void. More detailed information is available on our FAQ page.

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The client hereby agrees and understands that the Advanced Trading Technologies trading software will not be transferred or shared with any other party. There are no performance guarantees and the purchase is not refundable. Neither Advanced Trading Technologies nor James Breen or his affiliates make any express or implied warranties or representations as to the performance or functionality of the software trading system. The files are delivered "as-is". It is your sole responsibility to test it to your own satisfaction.
Further the client understands the following;
Futures, Forex, Stock and Options trading involve risk and is not for all investors. Past performance is NOT indicative of future results. Nothing contained in the software, the owner’s manual or any other communication shall be construed as an offer to buy, sell, or hold securities of Futures, Stocks, Forex and Options. Our technology and supportive documentation is for informational purposes only. Trading involves risk and should be pursued with risk capital only! You can lose all or more of any potential investment.Type your paragraph here.

Automated Trading Software

It's Fully Automated, making all trades without your involvement

Requires Only 2 Minutes Daily

Very User Friendly

No Previous Experience Required

Excellent Customer Support

High Income Potential