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Advanced Trading Technologies Fully Automated Trading Software

The chart above shows our trades October 22, 2015 trading two contracts on the ES. It made $2,450 that day.

Here is another demonstration below, of our software performing it's magic. Watch in full screen mode so you can see it more clearly.

The chart below shows another example of trades that took place on May 12, 2015. In this example the first 30 minutes of trading shows a rapid sell off and the Dow Average was down 150 points. When this kind of movement occurs, traders often have a difficult time re-adjusting mentally if the price reverses. This is one of the advantages of automated trading. Our software doesn't think, it has no predetermined bias it simply tries to follow the price. Once the prices hit bottom on this day the price trend reversed and our software left the short sellers in the dust with a nice profit of 23% return on capital for the day. Not our best day ever but a good day nonetheless.

Below is an example of how our Day Trading software works. Are you concerned about a market correction? Note in the example below, we can make money when the market is going down as well as up. Click on full screen mode and turn your volume up.